Tech-industry today has provided us with many choices of products. The functionality of one gadget intersects the others and often leads to the difficulty for the customer to decide which product suits their need the best.

Live or studio session

What for do you need the recording device? Are you going to record your guitar-cover of your favorite song? Are you a journalist seeking for the best recording device for interviewing people?
You need to address those questions first because live recording session requires different gadget specs from the studio session.
Studio session is a situated and conditioned recording session usually done in a studio or room with very minimum, if not better to be non-existing, noise distraction.
On the other hand, live recording session has many unexpected variables and far less situated. For example, if you need the recording device to record a live performance of your favorite band, then you have to consider the loud volume of the concert. You might not need a gadget that can give you specific clarity of low, mid, or high frequency of the sound but an overall pristine recording. Different consideration applies if what you need is to record interviews with people. In this case, a recording-gadget with proper volume adjustment is the best option.

Power endurance

Studio recording device is not necessary to have a battery slot. Electrical sockets, which are connected directly from the primary power source, provide more reliable electricity than batteries.BB676

Besides, studio-session recording needs a sound-card for the most feasible later sound editing. If studio session is your primary purpose, then you must pay attention more on the microphone sensitivity and frequency-range, other than on the power endurance of the gadget.

However, different consideration goes for the live-recording session. There are varieties of mobile recording gadget that comes with an integrated-battery design, and this design is well-known to keep the performance at its best.

Device durability

The live session requires more durability than the studio session. You might experience uncompromising weather during the recording or unintentionally drop your gadget. Therefore, if you cannot avoid such situations, go for the recording device that comes in a drop-proof and water-proof model.
However, it is quite hard to find a mobile recording gadget that has good recording outcome and is also durable. A good microphone cannot resist a fall and may show issues even if you just only drop it once. The same rule goes with water exposure.

Audio outcome

Typically, WAV is the audio format for every portable recording device, but some provide an option to change it. WAV enables you to edit then compress the audio later while maintaining the quality. And if you want to change the file format apart from your device http://www.freemake.com/free_audio_converter can turn out helpful. If you are a journalist and needs your data fast, this consideration can lead you to work more efficiently than before. Let’s say you need to attach your recording on your report in a video form, for example, then mp3 or mp4 audio format is enough. WAV comes in larger digital-space than the other formats, and it will take unnecessary space.



Some portable recording devices are good on their own but are bad when it comes to compatibility. You need to consider if the device is compatible with 3.5 mm/2.5 mm jack headphone. Carefully think if you are going to listen to the recording immediately or not. If it is needed, you may also consider the device that comes with bluetooth-headphone compatibility.