The current generation is discouraged from too much TV watching. Irrespective of this, the urge to own a state-of-the-art TV set is always burning in most people. A modern home is never complete without one, making it a device that attracts multiple contradictions. TVs are among the most counterfeited products in the market today. They are also dynamic in design and technology. The process of choosing one can, therefore, be a difficult affair if you don’t know what to look for. Below are things to consider when buying a TV.

Tips when buying a television

Screen resolution

e45657tuyrterwThere was a time when the difference between TV screens hinged on the question of color and black and white options. Today, the biggest issue pegs on the screen resolution. You can go for 1080 pixels if you’re looking for mid-range screen resolution to fit a budget. Many tech experts, however, maintain that you shouldn’t buy anything below 4K. The 4K resolution capacity should be backed up by a 120Hz refresh rate besides having HDR features to give you a more vivid picture experience. Note that OLED screens are superior to the LED types, making this another factor to look at if your aim is to own the best TV set in the market.

Screen size and design

If you live in a single room apartment, getting a TV screen size of an entire wall is absurd. You can’t also have a TV screen the size of a 15-inch laptop in an entertainment joint that’s meant to accommodate over 100 people. The size of the TV screen you buy should be in tandem with the available space and the intended use. The design should reflect your taste. Buy a curvy TV to show the world that you enjoy the finer things in life for example.


The smarter the TV, the higher the number of operations you can perform with it. Other than browsing the internet, you can connect a smart TV to your computer using an HDMI cable and access your computer files. This is necessary if you’ve got a broken computer screen and you’re not in a position to repair it because you’re maybe waiting for its unique screen to arrive via shipment at a later date. Use memory sticks to play games or to watch movies on your smart TV and save on the cost of obtaining game consuls or DVD players. This is not the era to contend with CD and DVD scratch issues.456768tury

Sound matters

The joy of watching a quality TV is never complete without the right speaker sound. They should be clear as the overall audio design system should provide Bluetooth connectivity options. The technology allows you to tap into your phone’s playlist as well as external speakers. It follows that you don’t have to have connection wires spread on the floor or next to the TV cabinet since this could be a health hazard especially if you have small kids. Note that the best TVs aren’t always the cheapest. Always buy from reputable dealers to get official warranty certificates and eliminate the risk of purchasing a substandard TV set.