Eclipse Plug-ins

3rd Edition Available

by Eric Clayberg 
& Dan Rubel

A detailed, practical coverage of every aspect of plug-in development, as well as specific, proven solutions for the challenges developers are most likely to encounter. This book is designed for every experienced developer interested in extending the Eclipse platform, the Rational Software Development Platform, or any other platform that supports Eclipse plug-ins.

The 928 pages offer everything you need to gain mastery and achieve results:
  • cookbook-style code examples
  • relevant API listings
  • diagrams
  • screen shots
  • much more.

Eclipse GEF
Jaime Wren
& Eric Clayberg

A practical, hands-on guide covering all aspects of GEF, Draw2D, and Zest, and demonstrating what can be achieved with them. The Eclipse Graphical Editing Framework (GEF) is the best resource for all Java tool developers who want to construct sophisticated graphical editing products that integrate with Eclipse, for experienced Eclipse users who want to start creating their own graphical tools, and for anyone who wants to see what makes GEF tick.

This book covers everything GEF related you need including:
  • Introduces GEF shapes, flow, logic, and text
  • Explains Draw2D architecture, drawing, and event processing
  • Shows how to create and customize figures, use painting and borders, and work with each Draw2D Layout Manager
  • Thoroughly explains GEF models, including domain and presentation information, populating diagrams, and more
  • Explains Zest’s content providers, filters, and layout
  • Covers EditParts, EditPolicies, Tools, Commands, Actions, and much more